Sunday, February 1, 2015

THE HOMOPHOBE DUNGEON: Mike Huckabee blathers on about gays. alcoholism, and other sins

Mike Huckabee has now officially earned prestigious residence at the all exclusive HOMOPHOBE DUNGEON. Congrats Mike!

The Huckster went on CNN to explain his opposition to gay-anything by comparing being gay to alcoholism and other lifestyle perversions that rightous Christians like himself merely "disagree" with.

ON THE TUBES: Aaron and Austin come out to their dad.

A Youtubes video has become viral on the internets featuring gay twins Aaron and Austin coming out to their dad. Even though dad was on the shitter hearing his twin sons bare their hearts out to him he was able to play it cool.

His "que sera que sera" attitude and his unwavering support for his gay sons made him an overnight sensation and he even ended up with the twins on the Ellen Show.